Officer Position Descriptions


• Attend events

• Assist other officers as needed

• Assist with writing the chapter survey

• Help with outreaching to industries


• Set goals and deadlines for the upcoming semester

• Plan officer meetings

• Set-up officer meeting before semester starts

• Delegating duties to other officers

• Oversee overall chapter actions

• Plan for future semesters

• Encourage collaboration with other clubs and TBP chapters

• Support other officers in their duties

• Process paperwork for TBP Headquarter

Vice President

• Serve as President in the absence of the President

• Complete and submit the chapter survey

• Communications with TBP Headquarters

• Miscellaneous duties

Corresponding Secretary

• Process paperwork for candidates

• Obtain candidate eligibility list   

• Process paperwork for non-undergrad candidates

• Communications with TBP Headquarters

• Process paperwork for TBP Headquarter

Recording Secretary

• Record Meeting minutes and organize them for future use

• Keep and organize chapter roll book and chapter paperwork


• Submit Financial Report

• Oversee club funds and see that they are used properly

• Process reimbursements

• Apply for Grants and Funding

• Establish and track budget for events

Industry Lead

• Organize industry events

• Outreach to industries

• Set dates for industry events

• Run/supervise industry events or delegate as necessary

Media Lead

• Create flyers and outreach upcoming events

• Maintain social media profiles on Facebook and instagram

• Make posts about events

• Respond to messages

• Take/use pictures from events

• Keep calendar updated

• Organize T-shirt design contest

IT Lead

• Manage domain and webhosting

• Update and maintain the chapter website

Projects Lead

• Determine idea for a semester/year long project

• Project should include as many engineering majors as possible

• It is highly recommended to fabricate project as well as design it

• Recruit a team of members and candidates for the project

Events Lead

• Organize social events

• Brainstorm social events

• Plan socials

• Run socials or delegate as necessary

• Send out weekly emails on upcoming events

Initiation Coordinator

• Keep track of candidate progress

• Update candidate packet at the beginning of the semester

• Set candidate deadlines

• Remind candidates of upcoming deadlines

• Answer questions regarding initiation

Mentor Lead

• Establish goals of Mentor Program

• Recruit Mentors for current and upcoming semester

• Recruit Mentees for current semester

• Set events and deadlines for mentors

• Supervise all mentors