Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?
Membership is by invitation only. You will be notified via email and mail if you qualify for candidacy.

I am a candidate. Where can I find all the general information and due dates?
You should have received both a letter and an email with various resources. You can also visit our candidate folder under "Links"

What is candidacy based off of?
Candidacy is based off of major GPA. Check our requirements page for specifics.

What if I can't pay the membership fee?
Contact the President and the Treasurer to discuss any other possible options.

What if I cannot attend enough events?
Contact one of the officers to discuss any other possible options.

I'm not getting any emails from TBP. What's going on?
It may be the case that our emails are going to your spam folder. Also, certain emails are only sent to active members. If you are not an active member, you may not receive certain emails.

I had a similar GPA as my friend and they received an invitation, but I didn’t. Why is that?
It is possible that you received an invitation, but the email went to your spam folder. It is also possible that your friend had a slightly higher GPA and the cut off was between you two.

I am a second year, but received an invitation. Was this a mistake?
No, the junior or senior standing is based on how many units you have.

I am a transfer student and meet the requirements, but didn’t receive an invite.
Transfer students need to be at SJSU for at least 1 semester before qualifying.

Where do I submit graduation/alumni/eminent engineer documents?
These documents should be sent to the Dean's Office (ENGR493)

I am a graduate student. Are the requirements the same?
Unfortunately we are not currently accepting graduate students

Does being a mentor meet the requirements for being an active member?
Yes, mentors automatically meet active member requirements.

I am a TBP Member from another chapter. Am I allowed to attend events?
Yes, any TBP member can attend our events. Just contact an officer and let us know you are coming.